Which entrance do I use?
Use the main entrance to get into the building. Your arena ticket will tell you which entrance to use to get into the arena.

Can I sit wherever I want?
No, if you have a seated ticket then you have an allocated seat. Your seat number as well as block and row which this seat is located in will be stated on your ticket.

I don’t know where my seat is?
The information on your ticket will tell you which block and row to help you locate your seat. Your ticket also tells you which entrance would be suitable for you to use to enter the concert arena. Please ask a steward if you would like any help finding your seat.

Please see The O2 website for a seating map of the arena.

Can I reserve my place at one of the fringe stages?
Similar to all other festivals, the stages within The O2 complex will be open to all ticket holders subject to capacity. These will be managed on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I leave the main arena once the bands have started?
As per the venue’s policy, there is no re-entry at The O2 arena. Once you have entered the arena for the evening main stage performances, you will not be able to leave and re-enter. The fringe stage performances will finish before the main stage performances start to ensure that attendees do not miss out on any performances.